Welcome to Bigbank UI Lab

What is UI Lab about?

UI Lab aka digital style guide is a tool for making collaborative product design easier. It is an accepted pattern library with a living collection of product’s customer-facing components. It functions as the underlying markup and stylesheet – when the style guide is changed, the product will be changed.

UI Lab creates efficiency.

Bigbank style guide provides a repository of ready to-go, approved interface components. By minimizing debate over details, developers can get started creating user interface (UI) components without waiting for a designer to define and specify visual assets.

Designers benefit as well. They don’t need to recreate and define components that already exist, approval cycles are quicker as the repetitive elements are not up for debate and reviews become more focused on the product challenge.

Content managers can use components described in HTML code for displaying content knowing that the outcoming visuals align with Bigbank style guide and brand.